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Successful Solutions Tutoring Expands Staff

Education faces an overwhelming challenge now, post-pandemic. Kids being removed from the classroom and having limited social interaction did not help with educational development. There exists what is now referred to as an education gap. Each child's gap must be identified and addressed uniquely by student. This will require extra effort on the part of classroom teachers and from outside of the classroom. One method of this assistance is coming from qualified tutors. Kids need excellent teachers to step into the void and join the battle.

Successful Solutions Tutoring logo, four puzzle pieces fitting together
Successful Solutions Tutoring: Putting the pieces together

Academic support for students K-12 comes in many forms:

  • Filling in learning gaps

  • Providing specialized instruction in specific content areas

  • Enriching and motivating

  • Building confidence

  • Developing organizational skills and independence

Successful Solutions continues to offer all of the above to students in grades K-12 and beyond. With the addition of another private tutoring space, Kathy Ells is excited to announce two exceptional additions to the tutoring staff.

  1. Jon Ells brings 44 years of experience from the Landmark School in math and technology to high school students in need of math support.

  2. Patty Bradley Theriault brings 35 years of experience from Amesbury in early elementary education to our K-4 student in need of assistance in reading, writing, and math.

Hannah Ells continues to offer outstanding online support to college bound students working through the college application process and producing their best college essay.

Kathy Ells continues to support students of all ages in math, organization, study skills, executive functioning and test prep.

For more information see or call 978-595-2590.

Kathy Ells, owner of Successful Solutions Tutoring.
Kathy Ells, owner of Successful Solutions Tutoring.

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