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Tough Times Bring out the Best

In spite of the challenges faced in these COVID -19 disastrous times, some start up companies continue to succeed. While many companies have taken to the sidelines to wait things out, the winners continue the path to success. Blackburn Energy has found the path forward and continues to persevere and take advantage of uncertainty. While many think that investors have taken a timeout as to making investments, not all have and some view start up companies as a better fit than the current volatile stock market. Today, a negative headline - whether truth or political fiction - can absolutely crush the value of a company during a single day. Other companies have chosen downtime and to wait things out.

Blackburn on the other hand has continued to work with investors, focused on their current opportunity and sustainability, and has recently closed on a round of investment to power their growth and sales activities, in spite of this negative environment.

Challenging times also present opportunities for companies. Extensive efforts and perseverance can be turned into success. Changing market conditions presents opportunities for those positioned to adapt their business models and transition to responsiveness to these opportunities. The nimble and determined don't take time outs - they persevere, turning challenge to opportunity.

Please join me in congratulating Blackburn Energy for their had work and well earned success. Keep up the good work Blackburn team and thanks to their supporters..

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