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Vaccination – Do Your Part!

The good news is that the United States has powered to 50% vaccination rates across the country. Massachusetts is leading the way in vaccinated % of population. Note that there has been minimal occurrences of negative reactions to the vaccines in this country, despite fast development, approval, and deployment. There have been some instances, but at historically minimal levels when compared with other vaccines. There is also zero evidence of the ‘Fox’y claims of the existence of digital trackers in the vaccines. While the concept brings a smile to my face as to absurdity, we have also learned of the existence of too many Americans that still buy into the ‘con’. The reality is there is still a long way to go to achieve herd immunity to the COVID-19 virus to return to a ‘normal’ that can benefit businesses. Unfortunately, there has been no clear actual number determined of the exact level of vaccination required – is it 70%, 80%, or some other number? The absence of an exact target means there is no way to measure exact progress and success.

‘Normal’ is a requirement needed by businesses. Normal, consistent, and reliable are important business concepts needed for success. A Normal related to COVID is an imminent priority. It is what can be planned around, staffed for, and related materials orders can be addressed in advance. Not achieving a ‘normal’ through adequate vaccination levels immediately is a detriment to business success. High human contact businesses like hospitality, entertainment, breweries, and restaurants have been destroyed by COVID 19 and will continue to be negatively impacted until adequate vaccination levels are achieved. Anti-vaxers are accomplishing very little if anything by being stubborn and selfish in their behavior. These people may feel good about their conviction to some ‘cause’ and worry more about self interests, but also must see they are hurting others by not being team players. They also will be placing other non-vaccinated and even vaccinated individuals at greater risk of infection through their inaction.

We all need to work together to succeed against the COVID virus and create an environment that supports business success. Achieving a herd immunity will require cooperation from all human sectors. Objectors related to age groups, religions, personal interests and beliefs, and even conspiracy theories are all choices. Choices are what they are – choices. People need to step up and put aside selfishness in favor of a broader common good. Small businesses – and particularly those related to the most at risk industries need the support and cooperation across the American population to achieve success. You know people in these industries. Call to all: – Step up and Do Your Part and support small businesses.

I saw a video clip on 60 Minutes yesterday where during the Pandemic 2020 infection spread, health care workers asked themselves at the end of each day – ‘whether they had left all they had on the field that day?’…each and every day. So, for those who choose not to get an available vaccination, ask yourself….did YOU leave all you had to give out on the field today, or tomorrow, or the next day.

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