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Welcome Hockey East to CI Works

The Hockey East Association has pulled up its roots in Wakefield and moved to Amesbury, effective in August. The Hockey East Association, also known as just plain Hockey East, is a college ice hockey conference which operates entirely in New England. It participates in the NCAA's Division I as a hockey-only conference. Hockey East came into existence in 1984 and is proudly celebrating its 37th year in operation.

This is a great connection with Amesbury, MA and the rich tradition of hockey history here – particularly the Amesbury Maples organization. Hockey East intends to eventually be located at Maples Crossing in Amesbury, where they will be able to take advantage of that amazing facility being constructed at this time. This represents a great opportunity for Amesbury to expose their rich hockey history and gain additional visibility through the location of Hockey East. The eventual move to Maples Crossing is to take advantage of not only the office building there but also to hold and host events at the ice rinks and the stadium facility.

CI Works is based upon a flexible lease terms business model, so when Maples Crossing approached CI Works about a lease for Hockey East to move them to Amesbury rather than extending their lease for an uncertain amount of time, it was a perfect match. CI Works openly welcomes Hockey East to Amesbury and are proud to host them while their new location at Maples Crossing is being constructed, without locking them into a lease that isn't suitable for their needs.

“This is our business model”, said Bob Obrien, CEO of CI Works. “We offer flexible leasing options to small companies / entities that work for them and offer flexibility in terms that achieves their needs and requirements first, and then work within that framework to finalize a lease. We think that it is good visibility for the City of Amesbury to have Hockey East located here, and a long-term win for both the City and Maples Crossing, so an easy decision on our part. Hockey East's people are great individuals and we think it will be fun to interact with them as tenants and that there will be good interaction and involvement with other tenants here.”

Maples Crossing will be an excellent destination for Hockey East both in terms of visibility and attraction, but also for large-scale events. CI Works is thrilled to be part of the equation and will ultimately benefit through a ‘more visible and identifiable’ Amesbury.

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