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What’s Good about EV Charging?

When your world was getting up, dressing up, fueling up and driving to work – possibly Boston – and finding a parking space, and then walking to the office from there, your world was seriously time compromised, as much as 3 hours elapsed time daily to and from each day. That is a significant chunk of time and even more significant if it was your free time being wasted. Fuel and parking alone could cost you $40. per day too. The commute was costing you extensive time and money and costing the environment CO2 emissions.

Now, you can get up in the morning, jump in your Electric Vehicle(EV) to come to work at CI Works, have plenty of free parking right outside the door to your building, and before coming inside the building, just plug your vehicle in to the EV chargers located right outside. These chargers are available free of charge to CI Works tenant companies as both a convenience and benefit. There is no question that EV’s will play a huge role in American transportation.

We are all working / living in a constantly developing new ‘normal’. Each and every day is evolving and different. Surviving businesses have taken advantage of these differences. Normal is not done yet, we need to continue to challenge ourselves to define what each of our businesses can and will be. What was is behind us and what could be must be part of the normal. Part of the reinvention needs to include environmental awareness and how each business can adapt and include more environmentally sustainable practices. One of those is the use of electricity and electric vehicles for both employees and business vehicles.

"Having an EV charging station is a great new benefit of our office location, and aligns with CI Works' role as a clean energy hub. We plug in our hybrid electric Chevy Volt at our solar-powered home in Salisbury. Being able to top off at work means we hardly ever need to put gas in the car!"

- Natalie Hildt Treat, executive director of the nonprofit C-10.

A drawback in the growth of EV deployment is the lack of an EV charging infrastructure. EV’s need access to charging more frequently than gasoline powered vehicles need a fill up and there are plenty of gas stations. EV’s and their batteries are becoming more efficient as to miles per charge, but still need to be able to identify and access charging in places they either go to or want to go to. Work and shopping are two of those places you go, so accessing a charge at places to ordinarily go to will make life more reliable and ‘normal’. We have added EV access at CI Works for the employees, the companies, and their visitors / customers to make accessibility more available and reliable.

Charge Up!

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