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What's New at CI Works

What is always new at CI Works are the collaborations that develop across businesses and how individual businesses are developing capabilities that can be shared by others. For March – I focused on doors, barn doors manufactured by Jeff Filipov, North Shore Barn Doors, in the accompanying pictures. They are all located throughout the CI Works building, each with a different story. The crux of the story is that each door represents a reuse of wood that is being re-purposed. It is an example of environmental sustainability in action. And, each door is an actual door to another room in the building.

This first door is used in a conference room in the busiest area of the building. It is beautiful, functions as a conference room door, and also provides the greatest amount of visibility in the building to North Shore Barn Doors’ product.

The second is an enhanced door that includes art work by Holly B Fracturing. It is the same two hundred year old wood with a different finish through electricity as you can see in the picture. Holly now works with Jeff and vice versa on both projects and products. This door is in the doorway to the ‘fracturing lab’.

Number 3 is – you guessed it – another NSBD door that is comprised of remnant pieces leftover from making other doors. It represents a further re-use of re-used materials rather than throwing away. It is further enhanced through the use of fracturing select pieces by Holly B; and is the door to the photo studio maintained by Ebacher Photography. Alison has assembled a studio layout in her leasehold that she uses for her business, is used by Anchor Hitch Media in videos, and other invited photographers are welcomed by Alison. The door could also be an interesting background piece. Contact Alison is you'd be interested in the studio.

It is always a pleasure to see these businesses collaborating together and producing interesting products that take advantage of multiple strengths of different people and meld together into finished products. This is what ‘real estate as a service’ is all about instead of archaic and sterile real estate options – from the age of the dinosaurs.

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