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Joining an Incubator - True entrepreneurs should consider this...

At CI Works, we offer entrepreneurs the location and tooling to do what entrepreneurs have always set out to do – create a company, design and manufacture products for sale, and create jobs. The recent top heavy economic recovery has focused on large businesses. The little guys have been lost in the wash….with fewer successful start ups and without the job creation known historically to come from small businesses. The result is that there has likely been more some jobs added in existing product lines at large companies, but with more automation than would be found at a start up, and consequently less new jobs.

As I had previously posted, the singular path of incubators leading to large companies (the sponsors) will continue to produce brilliant new concepts and technologies, but the benefits run principally to the sponsoring large company. We offer the alternative to true entrepreneurs – to choose to create their own companies and retain their innovation and intellectual property. This is what the investment of your time and efforts have produced; and owning your own businesses provides you the flexibility you desire and the potential financial return you deserve.

I have recently had the opportunity to present this alternative path to a Fellow from the US Department of Energy, a senior representative of a Fortune 500 company, and a foundation sponsoring the advancement of new renewable energy sources and life sciences advancements – and all replied that this alternative path to true entrepreneurs is in fact missing. Further, all agreed that true entrepreneurs would actually desire to run their own businesses and undertake the risks / rewards if presented this option.

Each also asked me about the nature of the CI Works business model, and whether we also take equity in each company. We do not. In fact, our model is a sustainable rent model where we manage the activities of different companies with different stage profiles and industries needed to achieve a sustainable business. CI Works promotes flexibility in dealing with start ups based upon their current needs and financial capabilities, and surround them with business partners that can assist their manufacturing, enhance their time to market, and sell their products – from web based sales to direct sales. CI Works has proven itself to be a successful entrepreneur and projects that commitment and energy across our tenants companies.

Join us at CI Works to be a successful entrepreneur.

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