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@CI_Works has identified an opportunity area for small businesses to be successful. Small business has been the jobs growth engine of the economy. They typically have developed a unique product or capability that is specialized, avoids the commodity trap, maintains a correspondingly higher price point than the commodity option, and required growth space for her business that is affordable to the current business stage. If anyone has not noticed – there are plenty of buildings in the United States of America, does one need to build new to be considered #innovative?

It does require a willing owner of a building that desires to be innovative and change from the traditional real estate model. Tradition says to fill a building with as few large tenants as possible – which works for large businesses, but not small biz. It works for the owner because more $$$ and less headaches. Small biz requires a footprint that is equivalent to their current revenue levels with an opportunity to grow that footprint as revenues grow and jobs are created. In a variable (growing) revenue scenario, keeping expenses as variable as possible in critical.

With all of the empty buildings available, who really needs new construction – other than people with huge egos? New construction is not only expensive, it is bad for the environment – more concrete, more impervious surfaces, more energy use, and more green house gas emissions. Even energy efficient buildings require the environmental cost of the construction. Imagine an ‘environment focused’ company creating new constructions instead of innovatively retrofitting existing construction – novel idea but all about profits.

Re-use of an existing building requires no huge investment of public sector funding. Not that it wouldn’t hurt to receive some support for using existing construction – environmental support, supporting small biz – Econ. Development support, increased spending – economic support, and job creation – political support by votes. What elected official doesn’t like JOBS? But elected officials also like large price tags as measures of their accomplishment.

Innovation and dedication are all that are required. These are the traits of successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are innovative and extremely dedicated to creating the success of their business. Our goal @CI_Works is to develop with the cooperation of existing real estate owners locations that are favorable to the small businesses that exhibit the entrepreneurial spirit that already makes America great and will grow the economy and create the J-O-B-S that elected love. We look forward to working with Equity Industrial partners in this initiative. This is what @CI_Works is all about. Join us or contact us for more information.

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