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Tenant Growth & Expansion

Spring is in the air here at CI Works! The sun is shining, the snow is melting, the days are longer… there’s something about Spring in New England that gives us all a pep in our step! Going into Spring, CI Works has reached almost 98% capacity, that’s all-in part due to recent tenant growth.

Farm and Sea Candle Co. moved here to CI Works Amesbury this past fall. Since then, they saw a major increase in production and sales which lead them to doubling their work space. Mary Swenson, owner of Farm and Sea moved her business out of her home to CI Works… “it was the best decision we’ve made yet for our business. It’s allowed me to be more effective by having a larger, more efficient workspace, and having access to a loading dock has been a game-changer.” She started with 500 sq ft and has grown to 1,100 sq ft.

SarCar Enterprises - Yuso & Onigiri have been a CI Works tenant for years, they were our first food manufacturing tenant. “Last year we sold 25,000 Onigiri in New England and this year we’re looking to see that number hit upwards of 50,000.” With these large orders, they needed more storage and manufacturing space. SaCar has added approximately 600 sq. ft.

Northshore Barn Doors has been a tenant since January, 2018. What started as a hobby in his backyard, soon grew to become a full-time business. Soon after Jeff Fillipov’s arrival his collection of wood had doubled and he needed more production space. His 600 sq ft space turned into 1,300 sq ft.

Barewolf Brewery is pretty well known in Amesbury for their creative; quirky can labels, chill atmosphere, killer events

and of course delicious beer! With more space, they’re now able to take their brewing production to a whole new level. They’ve devoted their newly scaled space to a barrel aging room that will double as a location for special events - which will allow them to soon offer a new generation of beers.

It’s all very exciting to watch these businesses develop and grow. These companies are bringing manufacturing back to MA, they’re creating jobs, and they’re defeating the success odds for small businesses. CI Works is here to offer any resource we can to help you achieve your goals. When our tenants succeed, we succeed!!!

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