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What Blackburn Energy is up to for the Holiday Weekend

While many people are relaxing, picking apples, and getting pumpkins – team Blackburn… - is getting it done. I came in to the office on Saturday and a beer truck was backed into our loading dock. They weren’t delivering beer to CI Works. Blackburn was delivering and installing their RelGen device in the truck. These trucks are heavy duty box trucks meant to haul heavy liquid weights.

A key truck component is a powered delivery tailgate that accommodates deliveries to various customer locations. Some locations require ground deliveries and others have different height requirements. The power tailgate addresses these variables. The challenge is – how to provide electric power to the tailgate numerous times each day at different locations. At the same time, EPA non-idling standards must be met by these vehicles. Battery power is limited in capacity and taxed by moving heavy weights.

RelGen provides both an additional capacity electrical source not risking primary battery compromise and failure. The battery unit provides extra battery capacity and also is re-charged throughout the day as the vehicle is moving under power. This is a patented device and these style trucks represent a secondary market for the product. Each installation not only represents additional revenue to the company, but additional product viability and performance data about the device and truck performance and fleet value.

Congratulations to Blackburn and keep up the great work.

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