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BizFinder: An Update

CI Works has always been challenged with - how / where to find small business tenants for our facility in Amesbury? They do not tend to hang out together in the same locations nor behave anywhere near the same in terms of process nor functional location. They do have a similar desire to be found via their company web site via Google search to grow their business. A key to generating this activity, which some know and some don't, is establishing a Google company account to manage their related search terms. Most have also tried different web based sources to varying degrees of effort and success - Google, Linked In, Facebook, and even social media to varying degrees. They have also left chunks of data about their business in these locations. Small businesses also have a desire to work with other small businesses - whether for sales or supply chain opportunities.

We have now invented a way to create a data record for each small company by consolidating available public domain information sources. We've developed a web based query tool that can gather the desired data from each of the above tools to manufacture a consolidated record by gobbling up the available data. You can launch a search from a specific address that radiates out from that point a desired number of miles - 3, 5, 10, etc. A specific industry or business type can also be selected by each user and individual company results returned including company name, business physical address, website address, phone number, key contacts and their information, LinkedIn-Facebook-account numbers for each - all as is available from the source records. Our backbone is Google company data because companies often set up Google accounts with their web sites to increase flow of search activity after they have started to generate sales.

This information will be very valuable to CI Works as we look to grow and identify new tenants and occupy additional buildings, but also to other small companies looking to expand their prospect base or their own supply chain. It is a valuable tool for any B-2-B relationship and on either side. This data product will become available as both a query tool and in spreadsheet formatted data file.

For more information, please contact Bob OBrien at CI Works (

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